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Whether you are a multinational or a small business, the key to thriving is be aware of what your market says about your brand. Nowadays, it is difficult to get the right feedback from your target market, thanks to the cluttered mess of opinions you find on social media. Don't worry, SENTi's got your back. SENTi acts as a bridge between you and the market, by making social media work for you, rather than against you. With its cutting-edge monitoring and analysis algorithms, SENTi assists you in analyzing market feedback that other tools cannot normally process. What more, SENTi supports the ever confusing Filipino language, making it the perfect tool for Filipino businesses.

What we offer

  • Supported
    Local Languages

    Understand your market better. SENTi supports keywords and terms in English, Filipino, Taglish, and any other varations of the language.

  • Real-Time
    Data Monitoring

    Check out the buzz on the brand, any time. Conversations about your business pop up in real-time on the 24-7 SENTi livestream. Never miss out anymore on the latest buzz about your brand.

  • Precise
    Sentiment Analysis

    Eliminate the guesswork and understand your market's sentiment. Find out what your market really says about you. Positive? Neutral? Negative? SENTi conveniently puts all of these sentiments from your market in one detailed report.

Package Features

per User
Search Keywords and
Analysis of posts
in English, Filipino, and
Filipino Contemporary Variations
Analytics, Tag Cloud,
Unified Stream
View posts on
selected channels


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